Product Description

FINNANO RUST CONVERTER is a unique fast drying milky white vinyl/acrylic coating that is applied to any rusted metalsurface in order to stop rust in its tracks. FINNANO RUST CONVERTER neutralizes rust and converts it to a tough, black primer in one easy step.

FINNANO RUST CONVERTER can be used as a finish coat or can be painted over for maximum corrosion protection. No more sandblasting, heavy scraping, wire brushing, or grinding. FINNANO RUST CONVERTERactually depends on a layer of rust being present in order to be effective!

Features & Benefits

  • No more scraping or sandblasting. Simply remove loose rust and then apply product.
  • Neutralizes Rust and converts it to a tough black primer in one easy step.
  • Prevents Future Rusting. Seals out moisture and other outside elements.
  • Fast Drying. Second coat can be applied in 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Excellent Primer. Treated surfaces can be painted over with an oil-based paint. (Latex top coats are not recommended)


Recommended for use on rusted iron or steel. Applications include: Vehicles, Trailers, Railings, Bridges, Equipment,Overhead Cranes, Pipelines, Storage Tanks, Transmission Towers, Fences, Chairs, Tables, Dumpsters, etc.